Major differences between introverts and extroverts according to science

2 min readJan 5, 2021

In here I am going to talk about two different types of people: introverts and extrovert.

Carl Jung was the author of this theory, in it he described the terms introvert and extrovert. Introverts are people who get energy from inside when they are alone but spend it in society.

The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert, who finds energy in interactions with others but spends it when he is alone.

Introverts sometimes avoid large groups of people. They like to spend their free time on something personal like reading books or playing video games. Also when they are alone they are more productive and work harder on whatever tasks they have. Most introverts are last in the class to raise their hand to answer a question,but it doesn’t mean that they can not do it, it is just all about wanting or not wanting to speak in front of people. This happens because when they see that people are paying attention to them they feel embarrassed and can not perform as successful as they could. Introverts keep their thoughts to themselves in a group work and will not speak throughout the whole conversation unless someone actually asks for their opinion. When they work in a public space they like to wear headphones even if they are unplugged so they can not hear a thing and work efficiently. Usually introverts get a lot more emails that they write themselves because they just do not feel like talking to people whether in person or through email.

Extroverts are people who do not like being alone because they feel really bad without the society around them. They work better and feel energised next to other people. Extroverts are more talkative, they need more words to explain something than introverts. Extroverts are rarely bored, most of the time they are socialising with their friends in facebook and other social medias.They like to share their feelings with relatives and friends. A room full of strangers doesn’t make extrovert uncomfortable. With his open nature he is going to feel himself good and safe in the society.

I think that life of these people is different. For introvert it is easier in life because he doesn’t depend on other people and this way he can not be traited or pulled into something wicked. And extroverts usually do what people who are close to them do and sometimes it can be horrible things like drugs or bullying somebody.

In life I mostly meet extroverts, here is why: a long time ago humans had instinct of socialising because this was the only way to survive. Now only a limited number people lost this instinct and like to do everything alone.

I personally belong to introverts, same as my father, but the rest of my family are extroverts which is common. Extroverts can interact with introverts or even think that they are friends but in reality introverts only make friends with people of their type.