American school vs Russian

3 min readJan 5, 2021


My favorite thing about American school is that you only need to take your computer with you. These computers are really simple to use and very useful: If a teacher is talking to the class and you don’t know the definition of one of the words you can easily and without interrupting class go to the dictionary and solve this problem. And what do you expect to be easier and more fun: getting homework in which you need to read five pages of text in the textbook or get a video through Chromebook and watch it. I think that video one is not just a lot more interesting but also easier to remember. But the big issue with computers at school are games and youtube and sometimes students are playing games or watching videos in class instead of listening to the teacher which is not really good. In all other ways, this system is amazing and I like it very much.

Now, schedule. In Russia when you get to school in the morning you go to your class and stand next to the door until the bell rings and then you can enter and the lesson begins. In America when you get to school from your bus you all go to the gym to wait for the rest of the buses to come, there you communicate with your friends ( if you have them :) ). Then you go to class, sit down ( if you prefer to lie down on the floor you can easily do it) and listen to the morning show. This is the show where two random students tell you a bunch of interesting things, for example that today for lunch you will have pork with mashed potatoes. You have two types of schedule: A and B. The difference is only in the order classes go which is a lot easier than in Russia where every day you have a whole new schedule. And I like this type of schedule more.

Now just some interesting things that exist in America but missing in Russia.

1.Lockers. Remember, in Russia, you get to school and put your backpack on the hook on your desk and take it to every class, well here it is a lot easier. Each student has a locker with a password that he remembers and every time you need something you just need to open it put useless books away and take what you need. This usually takes less than a minute and is a lot easier and comfortable. The only problem with them is that after some time they get all messy and you need to clean them.

2.Recess. It is a big break after lunch. It lasts for 20 minutes which is a huge amount of time when your regular break is around 2–3 minutes. At this time the whole school goes to a big field to play a lot of different games, talk with each other, or just read a book outside on the grass. Pretty cool.

3.In Russia teachers are more concentrated on a subject and on each student separately but in America, you are mostly working in a group and I think that this is going to help you more in life.

I like American school more because of freedom and feel like part of society. There are a lot of different people from a lot of different cultures and you do not have to feel alone and not like others.