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A small, curious boy named Sam who was born in Moscow, Russia moved to a new house with his parents. That house was located in a small village. It is a little, colorful house with five rooms. Behind this house, there is a very big yard where Sam was always playing. In the yard is an apple tree. Of course, after some time he met new boys and made new friends with them. They played a lot of interesting games like hide and seek or sprouts. But one day one of his friends decided to play a new game in which they need to ask each other can they do something like a game of dare. Everybody liked this funny game. They kept a jar of papers with the cruelest and funny dares they could think of. When someone’s turn came, he needed to do a task that he was ordered to do and if he didn’t do this he needed to take a paper from a jar. After many months of playing this game, things to do became to be really dangerous and crazy. Now it was winter, with snow outside and the air was cold too. One of Sam’s friends decided to give to Sam another thing to do, but the problem was that this guy knew that Sam is afraid of trees, so he gave him a very easy exercise to climb up a tree and then come down. Sam came to the tree, looked up, and said something to this boy

”I will never go up there!”

”Why?” asked the boy pretending not to know why,” You can not do the easiest thing?”

”I am afraid to go there,” Sam said.

”All right,” said the boy,” If you can not do this task you need to take a paper with an extra dare to do.”

Sam took it and read ”You need to stand in front of a mirror at three o’clock at night on December 25, light 12 candles, and say the word ‘DEVIL’ three times. The Devil will appear in the mirror. The next day you have to tell us what the Devil looked like to prove that you did it.” With Christmas just two days away, Sam, thinking this task was silly and didn’t’ care much about this dare. On Christmas night after having his favorite food (french fries and Crush) he told his parents that he was going to go to sleep, but instead, he took twelve candles and silently went to his room, took a camera( he wanted to prove on record that nothing can happen) and began to wait until three o’clock. After some time he looked at the clock and ran to the bathroom, where there was a big mirror. There he saw something lying on the floor, but it was just a piece of wood( He couldn’t even think that this piece will change his life)he placed all his candles in the right place, lit them one by one, said “Devil” three times and looked in the mirror.

What he saw was so surprising that he jumped to the other side of the bathroom. The devil’s face was looking at him. This face was very very scary. It was like a man’s but black with red spots. He had horns on the top of his head. In his mouth, there were four rows of teeth and he had two deep holes instead of his eyes. The boy felt very upset and not comfortable at all. He felt cold and he saw his life flash before his eyes. After a couple of seconds, the boy stood up and decided to look at the devil closer. He wanted to get a photo with him. He took four steps to the mirror and… he tripped over that piece of wood and touched the mirror.

When he understood that something went wrong he was lying on the bathroom floor, he stood up and saw his bathroom looking the same like five seconds ago. He thought that he just had fallen asleep and woke up because of a bad dream. He went to his room and fell asleep because the next day he had a very important hockey game. But what the boy didn’t know is that when he touched the mirror the devil had connected to him. The next day the boy woke up with a terrible headache. When he came to his hockey team they wished each other good luck and started playing. After two minutes, Sam got the puck and skated to the enemy's goal, but when he was very close to scoring everything turned black and the boy saw the devil’s face again but now he can not only see it, he could even hear the devil.

”Who are you?” asked Sam.

“Your next father,” says the devil.

”What are you doing with me, stop this my head can split” cried, Sam.

”I will stop this only when you will do the same that you did last night and touch the mirror again.

And now I will say goodbye to you.”

When everything was colorful again the boy found himself in the car on his way home. When he was normal again he asked his mother what happened and she told him that when he was skating to the enemy’s goal he skated right in the other team’s goalie. After this game, the boy went to his friends and told them what happened. Of course, they didn’t believe him and asked to prove it, to describe the devil. It wasn’t a hard exercise because now this face will never go out of his head. But when Sam told them how was the devil looks like they didn’t believe his words at this time. The devil was in his head so he heard that the boys didn’t believe Sam and decided to prove it to them. At this time Sam turned to the other side and then turned back but with fire-red eyes and a knife in his hand, he came very close to Sam’s friends and began to shout:

”I will kill you all If you don’t believe me!”

”How could we believe a boy, we can only believe or not believe in a devil”

”Devil is my previous, present, and future!” said Sam and ran to his friends with a knife.

All the boys understood that something is wrong with Sam and ran away.

When he came home he found more information about this mirror game. He learned that the only two times you can call the devil this way is on the birth of Jesus and on the death of Jesus and began to wait until the next day when it is time to call the devil. He waited for four months and these were the worst days of his life because every week he saw the devil’s face.

On Good Friday he came to the bathroom mirror and did the same thing. He saw the devil again.

”Now”, said the devil ”You only need to touch me and you will not have trouble anymore.

Sam came very close to the bathroom mirror and when he was going to touch it, a big fire red hand caught him and took him to the other world of death.

Sam opened his eyes and found himself lying in the bathroom (again) . He was very happy because he thought he had gotten rid of the Devil. But what Sam didn’t understand that now he is in the devil’s world which is the same with Sam’s but all the people are the devil was that he was actually one of the Devil’s slaves and if he wanted to get out of this place he needed to go into the mirror again ,but people will never let him do this.

The next day Sam’s father came to his room to wake Sam up because it was time to go to school, but he didn’t find his son in his bed. He called the school to ask them if Sam was already there but they were very surprised and said that Sam is not at school. After this phone call his father began to really worry.

When Sam woke up in this other world he decided to go to school like always. He put on his clothes and left his home. When he came to school he saw his friends but all of them had red eyes. When they saw him, they said, “Welcome to the devil’s world,“ They said that they were very happy that he came to see his new father. When Sam heard all this he was very surprised and scared. At this moment everything became dark and Sam saw the devil again:

”How did you connect to me and where am I?” asked Sam

”You are in the underworld, I made it like yours, but a little bit different” answered the devil.

”And about connection?” said Sam. ”You told me that if I will touch the mirror again you will lose the opportunity to talk with me”

”I took you to my own world where I can connect and talk with everybody” answered the devil with a big smile.

”If you want to come and see me I will always be waiting for you!” said devil and disappeared.

When Sam opened his eyes he decided that he would rather die than go right to the devil’s palace, so he decided to find his house and go through the mirror again to get out from the underworld.

Sam waited until nighttime and went to his bathroom looking for a way out. There he saw all his friends with monster faces and red eyes. They were saying to him that he would never go to his previous world. Suddenly Sam saw the devil in the mirror. The devil said to Sam that if he began hunting after him.

When Sam heard it he ran outside. After one hour of running he met a big black figure. Suddenly the stranger grabbed him and took him somewhere.

When Sam opened his eyes he saw the devil itself.

”Now you are here with me” devil said.

”You will drink this liquid and be the same with me” added devil.

Of course Sam answered that he will not do this and that he wants to go back to his own world. After these words the devil shouted at him that he will not get any food or drink until he drank from

After this phone call with the school, Sam’s father asked his son’s friends what happened. When he got the answer he found information about this game and began to wait until the right time. When it was Christmas again Sam’s father took twelve candles and went to the bathroom. He lit them and said “devil” three times.

The picture that he saw in the mirror was terrible. He saw the Devil with his hand around the boy, Sam, and the words said,